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Stepping Stones

Where Do We Go From Here?


Ever wonder who we are as a people and where we are headed?

None of us know what the future holds but many speculate. Perhaps looking at where we have been historically may assist us in considering where we want to go. As we embark on this journey in time we will take a closer look at the past. Strangely enough examining cultures and past references tends to shed light onto current events. Have we been thru this all before? If so how did we manage to cope? What is useful to remember and regard as a potential remedy for our ills?   Civilization has reached a turning point. Many are on edge anticipating what may be a, great event a reconstruction. Others see gloom and doom. Which group are you aligned with? Well the answers are within each and every one of you, unique complex and fun to discover.

This blog may or may not appeal to your belief system. However if you like a good mystery this may be the place for you. In this communiqué a rather brief comparison of historical and current events to Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be attempted. The subject is extensive and would require several lifetimes to explore. It is hoped that many will take interest in the comparison and develop many more illustrations. Some of the writing, quotations, and references written here are further detailed in a twenty volume (twenty one is in the works), set of documentation on the subject by this author entitled: “The Gifts.” A variety of subjects will be interjected overtime. The intent is to interest the reader to embark into deeper thought considering your purpose in this life and place in this time. You may find it useful to examine: “The Gifts,” that is the talents you possess. Just think if each person were to live to their full potential the benefits humanity would reap. One person can make a great difference!


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